Hey there in cyberspace! So I hear you saying, ‘Hey, Adam. I’m interested in your book, I’ve read the chapters I can for free on Kindle, but I’m not sure that I really want to spend five bucks on it.’ I get that. I’ve read books that start strong and then – pfft! So here’sContinue reading

Hello and welcome! Thank you so much for dropping by! Feel free to look around, test out the furniture, check what’s in the fridge… You might want to follow me on Facebook – I’m on there regularly, so it’s your best channel to get in touch with me and find out what’s happening! That linkContinue reading

I wanted to take just a moment to thank YOU for your support! It’s been a month since The Cassidy Chronicles came out – and what a month! Thanks to you, this has been the most successful book launch I’ve had, and it was done without resorting to tricks and gimmicks. So, THANK YOU! TheContinue reading