Cassidy FOUR Snippet

Did you take advantage of the one-day freebies? So many people did that Cassidy 1 made it to #3 in Hard SF, Cassidy 2 hit #6 in Space Opera, and Cassidy 3 hit #7 in Space Opera! That’s huge for an indie author like me, so thank you! If you have Kindle Unlimited, you canContinue reading “Cassidy FOUR Snippet”

Christmas Eve Snippet Drop!

  Happy Christmas Eve to everyone! Did you know you can read the Chronicles on Kindle Unlimited for FREE? Yup! Here’s a LINK to the series and you can grab any book you want! Well, not the one I’m still writing. Let’s have another sneak peek, shall we? Kendra checked the date. “It’s been threeContinue reading “Christmas Eve Snippet Drop!”

The Measure of Humanity Special Deal!

Sorry, no chapter today – Release Day is tomorrow, and we’ve finished all of the first Book in The Measure of Humanity.  Have you enjoyed reading Book One: The False Peace? Here’s a special deal for you: Pre-order TODAY (12/19) by clicking the title above or here: THE MEASURE OF HUMANITY Post a copy ofContinue reading “The Measure of Humanity Special Deal!”