Sunday WildCard – The Kildaran Chapter Two

Okay, welcome back – now we’re getting into moving the story forward! Like I said, the first chapter in a book in a series is always rough; there’s always exposition and explanation of all the things the author can’t assume that a new reader will know. This is especially true later in a series; whileContinue reading “Sunday WildCard – The Kildaran Chapter Two”

Meet Double Dip

From the desk of Kendra Cassidy, Admiral, Terran Federation Ah, yes, Double Dip. One of three triplets. Brianna, Justina, and Daniela Garcia. All applied to join the Federation back when we were recruiting for coxswains and engineers for our Wolf Multipurpose Orbital Vehicles program, and all three got in. Having gotten to know them allContinue reading “Meet Double Dip”

Volume THREE Chapter Post!

Welcome back! Ready for the second chapter? You may have noticed that the chapters in the three published volumes all look a little bit different in their organization. Yes, all three volumes have three books, with different names for each book. Think of them as acts, right? And then there are a number of chaptersContinue reading “Volume THREE Chapter Post!”

Volume TWO Chapter Post

It’s Wednesday, halfway through the week. That must mean it’s time for your next chapter in The Road to the Stars: The Cassidy Chronicles Volume Two Last week you got the Prologue, in the form of four mock-newswire articles, setting up some of the deep background information. Did you take notes? There’s a quiz! Okay,Continue reading “Volume TWO Chapter Post”

Volume ONE Chapter Post!

Glad you’ve come back for another Chapter! Last week you got to see the wedding-that-wasn’t; now, you get to learn how they almost got there. Of course, you can skip all the serialization and just skip right to buying the book if you aren’t patient. Kindle, paperback, and audiobook, I have them all! And ifContinue reading “Volume ONE Chapter Post!”

Michele Skaggs Interview!

Welcome back! It’s Monday, so it’s time for your Monday Morning Author Interview! This week we’re honored to be visited by Michele Skaggs, award-winning author of The Elementals of Sacred Lake series. Let’s get right into things! Did you ever consider writing under a pseudonym? No. Although, I was going to publish under my fullContinue reading “Michele Skaggs Interview!”