What To Do?

Hey, thanks for visiting!

Now that I have this shiny website, I think I ought to have a plan for what I post to it.

Not that I want to be rigid: ‘On Monday at 9:13am I will post about X’

But I want you to know what to expect on any given day, so that if there’s a favorite part you’ll know when to drop in. This also won’t limit me to just that sort of post each day; if something else comes up, I’ll certainly add it in!

So here’s what I’m thinking:

Monday: Author Interview (if I have one available)

Tuesday: Chapter (or excerpt of a chapter) from The Cassidy Chronicles Volume One

Wednesday: Chapter (or excerpt of a chapter) from The Road to the Stars

Thursday: Chapter (or excerpt of a chapter) from The Measure of Humanity

Friday: Chapter (or excerpt of a chapter) from Cassidy 4

Saturday: Character sketch from The Cassidy Chronicles (any volume) (like the one I did for Double Dip). These are going to be written as much as possible from the perspective of Kendra.

Sunday: WILD CARD! Could be anything

How does that look to you? Give me your feedback – the poll will be active until Sunday, and then I’ll start the schedule (or not) on Monday.


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