Sunday WildCard – The Kildaran Chapter SIX & SEVEN

What? Two chapters? Yup. Two chapters. Why? A couple reasons. First, there have been calls to accelerate the editing and releasing process. Seems these chapters are popular and people are asking for more. Then I went back and did the math. There are 56 chapters in The Kildaran, plus the Interludes which I removed andContinue reading “Sunday WildCard – The Kildaran Chapter SIX & SEVEN”

A Quiet Revolution – Chapter FIVE

It’s funny to me how things work occasionally. I didn’t plan to create Cass & Ken’s universe; I certainly didn’t intend to do the kind of elaborate world-building that I’ve been doing lately. When I set out to write these tales, the sum total was a botched wedding. Of course, I had to build fromContinue reading “A Quiet Revolution – Chapter FIVE”

Anna’s Anachronisms: Johannes Gutenberg versus the Modern Day Printer

As I crossed the brick-laden street and nodded to a man dressed in beige, bearing a POLIZI badge, I caught site of my target through the clear window of the library. Johannes waved in greeting as I entered the golden ornate doors to meet him, and ignoring the glares of patrons, follow him down aContinue reading “Anna’s Anachronisms: Johannes Gutenberg versus the Modern Day Printer”

The Measure of Humanity – Chapter SIX

You’re so close to the finish line called Friday you can taste it, can’t you? But surely you don’t want to miss Thursday, do you? Of course I do and don’t call me Shirley. (What, you expected me to let a perfect straight line slip away?) In any case, whether you want to be hereContinue reading “The Measure of Humanity – Chapter SIX”

The Road to the Stars – Chapter FIVE

Welcome to Wednesday! That means…it’s another day that ends in Y. Yes! We’re winning! Seriously, though, the week – the month – is almost over, can you believe it? That means the cover for A Quiet Revolution is just around the corner; something for you to look forward to for Monday (yes, MONDAY). Also goContinue reading “The Road to the Stars – Chapter FIVE”

Through Fresh Eyes 3: Cassidy Chronicles

Wow, this series just keeps gaining momentum with each page I turn! Ken and Cass’s dramatic escape to their secret hideaway, the expansive-and-complicated security system Adam created in Chapter 19一 and how could you forget the breath-holding, nail-biting anxiety felt when the curious boys at the roadside wandered a little too close? The main storyContinue reading “Through Fresh Eyes 3: Cassidy Chronicles”

The Cassidy Chronicles – Chapter SIX

Happy Tuesday! A little backstory on this chapter (as always). This was one of the chapters which I used for the initial auditions for the narrator for the audiobook version. (I’ll tell you the other chapter when we get to it.) Why? Well, it has lots of dialogue between Cass and Ken, and since thoseContinue reading “The Cassidy Chronicles – Chapter SIX”

James Reid Interview!

Welcome back! Today’s guest is James Reid, author of numerous books across a slew of genres, like YA, fantasy, and science fiction. These series include the Cider & Ale Chronicles, The Secret of the Jewels, Assassin of Illuminations, Shadow of the Dragons, and The Storm Below. Let’s see what he’s up to now! When didContinue reading “James Reid Interview!”