A Quiet Revolution Playlist Song 1

Thanks for popping by! I did something new (to me) in the latest book, which is to say I included a playlist in the back of the book.

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For the next 30 weekdays, I am going to present one song to you per day, along with a little story about why I think that song fits the book/chapter.

Today is day one, so you get song number one.

This song is Rachel Platten’s Fight Song. The inspiration is clear, isn’t it?

The dedication in the book is, and I quote, “To those who only had one match but started an explosion”. That pretty well sums up the series, doesn’t it?

For this book, specifically, it calls up not just the story of the Cassidy’s but also all the people they’ve been interacting with, the small changes they’ve been doing, the decisions they’ve made, which have brought everyone to this point.

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