Meet Aiyana Cassidy

From the Desk of Admiral Kendra Cassidy

It occurred to me, somewhat belatedly, that I’ve spent the past however many weeks talking about my extended family, the people who I’ve become close to in my mumble-mumble years leading the Federation, but I haven’t mentioned Aiyana. I mean, she is my wife, after all; I’ve known her all my life, or at least near enough, so I have all these great stories to tell but haven’t shared any of them!

She was born three weeks before me, a fact that she has never let me forget. Frankly I don’t think that’s fair; after all, it’s not like either of us had any control over our birthdays, but you try reasoning with her on it! Whenever she and I disagree about something, and she can’t convince me through logic, she pulls out the “I’m older than you” card as a last resort.

Not. Fair.

It’s also not fair that she ended up almost ten centimeters taller than me, has the most beautiful, silky, long auburn hair, or pale, ice-blue eyes that still pull me in to their crystalline depths.

Totally not fair.

Of course, she also had to deal with her parents, and they were challenging. Okay, I’m going to have to explain this.

We all lived in the Northern Imperium. That was good, in some ways, but bad in a bunch of ways. The Daley Family ruled, rules, the Imperium pretty strictly. They don’t take well to challenges to their authority, in any form, and that includes protests. Well, when her parents were younger, they were involved in the student protests back in the 60s and early 70s. Nothing happened to them, overtly, but their names were taken by the Imperial Internal Affairs Bureau.

After they married they applied for visas for their honeymoon and were denied permission to leave. That was the first they knew of the problems they had, but it wasn’t the last.

Anyways, not about them. About Aiyana.

You know, I don’t know anyone who calls her Aiyana. It’s a beautiful name, and one of my favorite things about her, but even I don’t call her Aiyana. I think I’ve called her that maybe a couple dozen times in our lives, and that includes when I proposed to her and our wedding.

She was born brilliant. I am utterly convinced of that. That was a blessing and a curse. Cass was so bored in our classes at school, the ones we shared, because she just absorbed all the information the teachers were trying to pour into us, when she wasn’t telling them they were wrong! And I hated it, because every afternoon she would go off to the advanced classes and do stuff and leave me behind.

Made me work harder, because on the way home she was always so happy and bubbly and excited about what she had learned that day, and none of it made sense to me because she was doing things I wouldn’t get to for years but it didn’t matter.

Anyways, enough of this for now. I’ll do another bit next week.

Until then.

Kendra Cassidy, Admiral (ret)

Just a note from Adam: if you have a request to learn more about someone Kendra knows, drop her a line!

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