Anna’s Anachronisms: Alexander Graham Bell versus A Modern-Day Cellphone

The bell of the café door dinged loudly as I swung it open and stepped through its faded, brown threshold. Ignoring the chime again as the door swung shut, I scanned the wooden booths (of which there weren’t many) as I handed my coat to the man standing by the door with a gracious smile.Continue reading “Anna’s Anachronisms: Alexander Graham Bell versus A Modern-Day Cellphone”

The Road to the Stars – Chapter Twelve

One of my smartest moves, ever. Absolutely. Top ten? Definitely. Top five? Probably. Number one is marrying Aiyana, of course. That’s sort of the gold standard for me for decision-making. But this was fun. I’d been looking for the right person to captain the Enterprise for months. I knew it had to be someone withContinue reading “The Road to the Stars – Chapter Twelve”

A Quiet Revolution Playlist Song 25

This chapter was a challenge to match a song to. On the one hand, there’s a good bit of combat in it, which would lend itself to a high-energy song. In fact, I had considered yesterday’s song for this chapter, and it would have worked for about half the chapter. But then the chapter takesContinue reading “A Quiet Revolution Playlist Song 25”