Mia Downing Interview!

Happy Memorial Day everyone – hope you’ve taken some time to remember those who have given their lives so others might live. Today we have Mia Downing with us. She’s a talented romance author with a great sense of style and a wicked sense of humor. She started creating heroes at age four, but herContinue reading “Mia Downing Interview!”

Sunday WildCard – The Kildaran, Chapters 35 & 36

The pieces are all coming together now. Mike and company are on their way back from the States. Chief Adams and the Keldara are en route to their target. Dragon and Valkyrie are racking up the stick time. What could possibly go wrong? CHAPTER 35 Near Lake Kek-Usn; Moscow; The Caravanserai; A Road in RussiaContinue reading “Sunday WildCard – The Kildaran, Chapters 35 & 36”

A Quiet Revolution – Chapter TWO

You know, the biggest problem Artemis had in the entire conflict with us was their timing. It sucked. Not that I’m complaining! I’m perfectly happy they never got their shit together enough to actually make our lives more difficult than they did. However, from a purely objective point of view, standing outside the conflict? ItContinue reading “A Quiet Revolution – Chapter TWO”

The Measure of Humanity – Chapter TWO

Ah, there’s nothing quite like the smell of a brand-new starship! I have been fortunate enough to have been part of the first flights of three of the Federation’s ships: Enterprise, Pioneer, and Explorer, and early flights of every other ship in the fleet. Endeavour, though, I was occupied. Tied up. Up to my armpitsContinue reading “The Measure of Humanity – Chapter TWO”

The Cassidy Chronicles Volume One – Chapters TWENTY & TWENTY-ONE

Another week, another argument with Adam. These two chapters are so damned short it would be cheating you to give you just one chapter! In my opinion, of course. And since I’m the one who’s doing the introductions these days, guess who won? We’re still in my old bunker now, making contact with the outsideContinue reading “The Cassidy Chronicles Volume One – Chapters TWENTY & TWENTY-ONE”

Heather Ashbury Interview!

Welcome back to another Monday Morning Author Interview. Today we have a new voice in the field of fantasy/paranormal, Heather Ashbury. She’s the first-time author of More Than Human, a planned 3-book series. She lives on a quiet farm in New Mexico with many different animals ranging from turtles, chickens, dogs, cats, fish, a gecko,Continue reading “Heather Ashbury Interview!”

Sunday WildCard – The Kildaran, Chapters 33 & 34

The vacation is definitely over for Mike and company. Not only is it over but they’re the best part of 7,000 kilometers away. And we’re off! One reminder – FINAL ROUND of voting for the cover for A Quiet Revolution is open and I need YOUR VOTES, one more time! Click the button below andContinue reading “Sunday WildCard – The Kildaran, Chapters 33 & 34”