The Road to the Stars – Chapter SEVEN

Hello Dogfish! Richard Percoco. One of my favorite people ever! He was simply a no-nonsense type who got in and got the job done, no matter what. Of course, he didn’t make quite the same impression on Cass the first time they met. In fact, I think their relationship started off on a very rockyContinue reading “The Road to the Stars – Chapter SEVEN”

The Cassidy Chronicles – Chapter Twenty-Six

Ah, yes. I got to do some real James Bond-type stuff in this chapter. Or maybe Fast & Furious is more like it. I’m not sure. I do know, later, Cass told me this was the time she was most worried about getting out of the whole situation alive. Not when we were shot atContinue reading “The Cassidy Chronicles – Chapter Twenty-Six”

Morgan Wright Interview!

Where did June go? Seriously. Last week it was, like, April. Wasn’t it? Or maybe I just stepped into a time machine. Whoops. I knew there was something odd about that police box. Anyways, this week I’m happy to introduce you to a new, powerful voice in horror and dystopian fiction: Morgan Wright! Morgan Wright isContinue reading “Morgan Wright Interview!”

Sunday WildCard – The Kildaran Chapter 43

You may have notice this book has two primary tracks. On the one hand you have the Mike & Kat Road Show; on the other you have Let’s Blow Up the Valley! However, like all good books, it’s not that simple. The Mike & Kat Road Show has now combined with the Let’s Blow UpContinue reading “Sunday WildCard – The Kildaran Chapter 43”

A Quiet Revolution – Chapter SEVEN

This was fun. I didn’t get much chance to sorta ‘throw my weight around’, you know? I was off-planet most of the time, almost all the time after that stupid useless lawsuit, and my people knew better than to try to do the whole ‘impress the boss’ thing. On the other hand, what’s the pointContinue reading “A Quiet Revolution – Chapter SEVEN”

The Measure of Humanity – Chapter SIX

Well. If you’ve read these books to here, you might be getting the idea we never disagreed, never bumped heads. Totally untrue. We didn’t usually come to blows over anything, true, but there were some knock-down, drag-out verbal wars going on. This chapter was one of those. And it was between two people who wereContinue reading “The Measure of Humanity – Chapter SIX”

The Road to the Stars – Chapter SIX

Right after we got back from that epic first flight I had to come back to Earth, as it were, and talk with Mya Hartman. Talk about a letdown. Not that I didn’t like Mya. She was a rare breed, an honest politician. Of course you know the old joke, don’t you? No? How doContinue reading “The Road to the Stars – Chapter SIX”

The Cassidy Chronicles – Chapter Twenty-Five

So you think traffic is bad in this time? Sister, let me tell you, you ain’t seen nothing! After the various wars of dissolution, most of the former United States were cut off from the seemingly endless flow of federal money. Nowhere was there a greater impact than on the infrastructure, most notably the roadsContinue reading “The Cassidy Chronicles – Chapter Twenty-Five”