The Cassidy Chronicles – Chapter TWELVE & THIRTEEN

Hey hey, it’s back to the future time again! Wasn’t that a movie or something? Anyways. The way Adam wrote up this middle section, he bounced between my story and Cass’s story, chapter to chapter, so I’m going to keep posting multiple chapters as long as I can get away with it. You ever workContinue reading “The Cassidy Chronicles – Chapter TWELVE & THIRTEEN”

The Kildaran – How To Get It!

I’d like to start by congratulating you! If you’ve read all the chapters, you’ve read about 180,000 words, 620 manuscript pages. That’s quite a pile! I’d also like to express my admiration for your patience and sticktoitiveness. This has been a long haul, and I’m sure you have wanted to throw in the towel orContinue reading “The Kildaran – How To Get It!”


Yes, you read that correctly. This is the FINAL CHAPTER of this novel! Which means a few things. First, it must be a Friday and I’ve decided to give you something to kick off your weekend right. Second, there’s not going to be a new chapter up on Sunday for the first time this year.Continue reading “SPECIAL EDITION! The Kildaran – FINAL CHAPTER”

A Quiet Revolution – Chapter NINETEEN

Outside of Earth, 40 Eridani is one of my favorite places to be. I admit, I was late to the party. I was still on the (mostly) self-imposed ‘the Admiral stays home while the starships go off on missions’ restriction, so I missed out on the initial exploration. Can you imagine if I’d been there?Continue reading “A Quiet Revolution – Chapter NINETEEN”

The Measure of Humanity – Chapter SEVENTEEN

Poor James. He never knew; nobody ever told him. By the way – spoilers ahead for upcoming books, so just skip to the chapter if you haven’t gotten the other books. But he and Cassie were only ever bait. Autumn had her plans for escape all worked out, probably as soon as she was tossedContinue reading “The Measure of Humanity – Chapter SEVENTEEN”

The Road to the Stars – Chapter Nineteen

There was only one problem with the first operational cruise of the Enterprise. I wasn’t aboard. This would be the problem for many, many months. I had no idea at the time I was setting a precedent it would take a sledgehammer to break, but there you go. 20/20 hindsight. But the night before wasContinue reading “The Road to the Stars – Chapter Nineteen”

SPECIAL EDITION! The Kildaran Chapter 54

Hey, I know, it’s Tuesday, not Sunday, but I started thinking this way: it’s been a long week and everyone needs a little pick-me-up, so why not go ahead and post another chapter? Am I right? And this is the last chance for you to give feedback on the cover; specifically, what’s in the deepContinue reading “SPECIAL EDITION! The Kildaran Chapter 54”

The Cassidy Chronicles – Chapter TEN & ELEVEN

You know, I’ve decided Tuesday is the new Monday. Definitely. Monday is always so chaotic; it doesn’t matter if I had the duty the day before (it’s not like the Admiral has weekends off!), there’s this problem or that. It’s like the universe has decided that Monday is when all the fecal matter will hitContinue reading “The Cassidy Chronicles – Chapter TEN & ELEVEN”