The Cassidy Chronicles Volume One – Chapter FOURTEEN

Hey there! Welcome back for another installment of When Our Lives Got Exciting! In last week’s chapter we were in Vegas, right? Right. We were trying to kill time in one of the casinos until our capsule was called, and somehow Cass managed to win a nice pile of change. So much for keeping aContinue reading “The Cassidy Chronicles Volume One – Chapter FOURTEEN”

Matt Cox Interview!

Got your coffee? Good, because it’s time for another Monday Morning Author Interview! Today we’re visited by Matt Cox. I recently had the opportunity to spend an hour chatting with him in a groupcast (the link is here: Hardcore: Truths of Writing { Raw and uncut/ Scourges } #12 – YouTube). He’s published over 100Continue reading “Matt Cox Interview!”

Sunday WildCard – The Kildaran Chapters 22 & 23

I’ve probably spoiled you just a bit the past couple weeks, giving you triple chapters. It’s all based on chapter length, though. The longer the chapter, the less likely it is to be paired or tripled. This week we have two fair length chapters; one, J and Cottontail doing what they do best; one, MikeContinue reading “Sunday WildCard – The Kildaran Chapters 22 & 23”

A Quiet Revolution – Chapter TWELVE & THIRTEEN

Welcome to launch day! Not quite the kind of launch day I’m used to, but hey, it’s what passes here in the 21st Century. As a special bonus, Adam decided you could have two chapters, so enjoy them! A couple notes on the events of the chapter(s). First, I still believe we made the rightContinue reading “A Quiet Revolution – Chapter TWELVE & THIRTEEN”

The Measure of Humanity – Chapter THIRTEEN

This day was more fun than Adam makes it out to be. Oh, he gets the important things right – the ceremony, the friendship between Shannon and Daniela, the meeting of LJ and Alley, the mock dogfight between the Wolf and Direwolf – but there was so much going on which was left out! ForContinue reading “The Measure of Humanity – Chapter THIRTEEN”

A Quiet Revolution Playlist – Song 30

This is it! I hope you’ve enjoyed this musical journey behind the book. Even if you didn’t want to know why the songs went with the chapter, if you found a new song you like I’m happy. This final song ought to be fairly obvious. The entire book has been dealing with revolutions, of oneContinue reading “A Quiet Revolution Playlist – Song 30”