Aalia Lanius Interview!

Welcome to the middle of June! I know it’s not officially summer yet but I hope you’ve been able to enjoy a little good weather and sunshine already! Today I have a special guest: Aalia Lanius. What can I say about Aalia? That she’s an author goes without saying, but she’s a multiple award winnerContinue reading “Aalia Lanius Interview!”

Barbara Gibson Interview!

When did it become June? No, seriously. It was March, like, yesterday. Where’s the coffee? I need coffee. Can you tell it’s Monday? Right, then, let’s get to it. Today on our Monday Morning Author Interview I’m pleased to welcome Barbara Gibson to our pages! Barbara is the creator of the Future Apocalypse series andContinue reading “Barbara Gibson Interview!”

Cory Cowley Interview!

And here’s half of our Double Feature Monday – say, did anyone else grow up in Massachusetts and remembers the Creature Double Feature? Anyone? Just wondering. Anyways, welcome to Cory Cowley, a rising star in the horror/thriller/science fiction galaxy! Hi Cory! First of all, thank you so much, Adam, for having me be a partContinue reading “Cory Cowley Interview!”

Heather Ashbury Interview!

Welcome back to another Monday Morning Author Interview. Today we have a new voice in the field of fantasy/paranormal, Heather Ashbury. She’s the first-time author of More Than Human, a planned 3-book series. She lives on a quiet farm in New Mexico with many different animals ranging from turtles, chickens, dogs, cats, fish, a gecko,Continue reading “Heather Ashbury Interview!”

Michael Ross Interview!

It’s May, it’s May! By now, spring has sprung just about anywhere – unless you’re reading this from somewhere down under, in which case I hope you enjoy winter. Today’s guest on our Monday Morning Author Interview is Michael Ross, creator of the Wand Chronicles series. In addition to writing, Michael is an actor, aContinue reading “Michael Ross Interview!”

S.E. Anderson Interview!

Is it a nice day, for a Monday, wherever you are? Well, it’s about to get better! Today’s Monday Morning Author Interview is with S.E. Anderson, author of the Starstruck series, Aix Marks the Spot, and her latest release, INALIENABLE. Let’s get to it! When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?Continue reading “S.E. Anderson Interview!”

Elizabeth Suggs Interview!

Good morning! It’s a great Monday, isn’t it? Of course it is! Why? Because it’s another Monday Morning Author Interview! Today we have Elizabeth Suggs dropping in. Elizabeth is co-owner of the indie publisher Collective Tales Publishing, owner of Editing Mee, and is the author of several stories, two of which were in a podcastContinue reading “Elizabeth Suggs Interview!”