Garrett Jones Interview!

Fall, again? Wow. Where did the year go? Seems like it was January yesterday, doesn’t it? Well, no matter, no matter. It’s Monday, so it’s another Monday Morning Author Interview! Today’s guest is Garrett Jones, author of The Archives of Icínq-Régn. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?I first realized IContinue reading “Garrett Jones Interview!”

Interview with C.S. Kading!

Welcome to another Monday Morning Author Interview! Today we have a fantasy author, C.S. Kading, and she’s here to talk to us about her book Sands of Setesh and the universe she and her co-author have created in the World of Sanctum. C.S. is an Award-Winning Author; she is a poet, playwright, and a storyteller,Continue reading “Interview with C.S. Kading!”

Interview with Jessica Thompson

It’s a glorious September, isn’t it? Well, okay, there’s been some rain. And the leaves are turning colors, which means winter’s coming. But hey, it’s still nice! Today we have Jessica Thompson visiting on the Monday Morning Author Interview. When Jessica discovered mystery novels with recipes, she knew she had found her niche. As anContinue reading “Interview with Jessica Thompson”

Interview with Arlene Lomazoff-Marron!

Good morning! This next bit is going to be like one of those old choose-your-own-adventure books; pick the one that best applies to you! Happy: September Monday Labor Day Gerroff, it’s too early! Today we have a wonderful interview with Arlene Lomazoff-Marron, author of If We Had Known. Arlene retired from health care in 2019Continue reading “Interview with Arlene Lomazoff-Marron!”

Christiane Allison Interview!

The summer has flown by, hasn’t it? How many of you have school starting up soon – either for yourself or for your kids? Maybe you’re a teacher? Well, to take your mind off things we have Christiane Allison in for an interview. She’s the author of The Infinitus Saga, owner of Allison Publishing, andContinue reading “Christiane Allison Interview!”

Jennifer Jensen Interview!

It’s Monday morning, and that means we’re doing another author interview! I’m excited to have Jennifer Jensen, author of The Vice, here today. Born and raised in a small town in Michigan, Jennifer married her high school sweetheart. She got a job, which she left college for, and over the course of a few years,Continue reading “Jennifer Jensen Interview!”