Memories of Aiyana

Memories of Aiyana 9: Helloween No, that’s not a typo or misspelling. We both loved dressing up and pretending. My folks had all the clothes from their children; mostly because Dad was a bit of a hoarder. I know, you wouldn’t expect that from a diplomat, right? Actually, being a diplomat is perfect for beingContinue reading “Memories of Aiyana”

Memories of Aiyana Cassidy Part 7

Memories of Aiyana Part 7: The Bikes (3) After the incident at the café, we didn’t have any issues in town with the shops. Looking back, it might have made us a little bit overconfident. Key West was, is, a real nothing town. It didn’t take long for us to get bored with the shopsContinue reading “Memories of Aiyana Cassidy Part 7”

Memories of Aiyana Cassidy Part 5

Hey again, glad you came back for another dose of my memories! I’m trying to keep this as sequential as possible, so we’re not moving really quickly. And, frankly, our early childhoods weren’t all that exciting, and if I don’t remember it personally I’m not including it. That leaves out a bunch of stories whichContinue reading “Memories of Aiyana Cassidy Part 5”

Memories of Aiyana Cassidy Part 4

Before I get into this weeks’ story, I just wanted to clear up a possible misconception based on the title of these posts. I call this ‘Memories of Aiyana’ because it’s me, remembering her. It’s not because anything has happened to her! However much time I spend here, in your time, I’m back home everyContinue reading “Memories of Aiyana Cassidy Part 4”

Memories of Aiyana Cassidy Part 3

Hello again! Back to my favorite subject. Well, one of my favorite subjects. I can’t imagine what school would have been like without Aiyana. I said last week, or maybe the week before, how we’ve always seemed to mesh; we’ve always been the best parts of each other, even when we were too little knowContinue reading “Memories of Aiyana Cassidy Part 3”

Memories of Aiyana Cassidy Part 2

It occurs to me, belatedly – as many of my best thoughts often do – I should start from the beginning if I’m going to tell Aiyana’s story instead of jumping around like I did last week. Oops. Aiyana Rosewind Cassidy was born on the 23rd of September, 2080, in East Grand Forks, in theContinue reading “Memories of Aiyana Cassidy Part 2”

Meet Aiyana Cassidy

From the Desk of Admiral Kendra Cassidy It occurred to me, somewhat belatedly, that I’ve spent the past however many weeks talking about my extended family, the people who I’ve become close to in my mumble-mumble years leading the Federation, but I haven’t mentioned Aiyana. I mean, she is my wife, after all; I’ve knownContinue reading “Meet Aiyana Cassidy”