Sunday WildCard

Thanks for dropping by! Today, I have an ask. We’re entering the cover for Triumph’s Ashes in the next All Author Cover of the Month contest! It’s an amazing cover, and it ought to resonate even more strongly with visitors to the site. But I’m going to need your vote, in each of the fourContinue reading “Sunday WildCard”

Sunday WildCard – Academy of Breath and Fire

Well hey, how are you? Good to see you for another Sunday WildCard! Kinda got predictable for a while, didn’t it? Well, we’re going back to what it was intended to be – something different every week! This week we have a guest author, Kristofor Hellmeister, and he’s here to talk about his Kindle VellaContinue reading “Sunday WildCard – Academy of Breath and Fire”

The Kildaran – How To Get It!

I’d like to start by congratulating you! If you’ve read all the chapters, you’ve read about 180,000 words, 620 manuscript pages. That’s quite a pile! I’d also like to express my admiration for your patience and sticktoitiveness. This has been a long haul, and I’m sure you have wanted to throw in the towel orContinue reading “The Kildaran – How To Get It!”


Yes, you read that correctly. This is the FINAL CHAPTER of this novel! Which means a few things. First, it must be a Friday and I’ve decided to give you something to kick off your weekend right. Second, there’s not going to be a new chapter up on Sunday for the first time this year.Continue reading “SPECIAL EDITION! The Kildaran – FINAL CHAPTER”

SPECIAL EDITION! The Kildaran Chapter 54

Hey, I know, it’s Tuesday, not Sunday, but I started thinking this way: it’s been a long week and everyone needs a little pick-me-up, so why not go ahead and post another chapter? Am I right? And this is the last chance for you to give feedback on the cover; specifically, what’s in the deepContinue reading “SPECIAL EDITION! The Kildaran Chapter 54”

Sunday WildCard – The Kildaran Chapter 53

I’m not going to say too much about this chapter. Only two details. First, it’s over 10,000 words. BIG chapter. Second, BACHELOR PARTY! I’m investigating how I can put this into a printed format without setting it up for sale anywhere (and no, I will not go to a vanity press). If you’d be interestedContinue reading “Sunday WildCard – The Kildaran Chapter 53”

Sunday WildCard – The Kildaran Chapter 52

Here we go! Yes, there’s still some action left, but no more combat. We’re past that and into the after-action reports, Mike’s favorite things! I can’t believe it’s almost finished. Then again, there are a few more stories we can tell, but we might save those for some other time. Whaddya think? Edit them now,Continue reading “Sunday WildCard – The Kildaran Chapter 52”

Sunday WildCard – The Kildaran Chapter 51

We are into the home stretch! There’s only 75 pages left in the manuscript; 5 chapters. There is on REALLY long one, Mike’s bachelor party, with shorter ones on either side. What, you thought I’d forget about wrapping up the Mike/Kat storyline? Not bloody likely! Okay, pitch time. First, if you want a chance toContinue reading “Sunday WildCard – The Kildaran Chapter 51”

Sunday WildCard – The Kildaran, Chapter 50

Not a terribly long chapter this week, only ~6000 words. The merest trifle, right? But I couldn’t post the next chapter as well; that one is another monster, and between them I’d probably crash the site. Pitch time. Have you heard of Kindle Vella? Seems Amazon thought I had a good thing going here, andContinue reading “Sunday WildCard – The Kildaran, Chapter 50”

Sunday WildCard – The Kildaran Chapter 49

Time for another installment – no, another MONSTER installment. 11k words this time around. Ought to keep you busy and out of trouble for a little while. Maybe. So I’m going to give you free stuff now, whether you want it or not. First: how about a chance to win an audiobook? A Quiet Revolution,Continue reading “Sunday WildCard – The Kildaran Chapter 49”