Through Fresh Eyes: The Cassidy Chronicles 11

Wow, this was a short reading this round but quite a packed one! I’ve got a fair bit to unpack here, so let’s just dive right in. First things first, I’m quite impressed with the accuracy surrounding the Capoeira practice. I’m nowhere close to well-trained, but I’d call myself an adept practitioner of the artContinue reading “Through Fresh Eyes: The Cassidy Chronicles 11”

S.E. Anderson Interview!

Is it a nice day, for a Monday, wherever you are? Well, it’s about to get better! Today’s Monday Morning Author Interview is with S.E. Anderson, author of the Starstruck series, Aix Marks the Spot, and her latest release, INALIENABLE. Let’s get to it! When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?Continue reading “S.E. Anderson Interview!”

Samantha Thorne Interview!

It’s the final Monday in April – boy, the month went fast! – so we have another Monday Morning Author Interview for you. Today we’re headed across the pond to the UK to talk with Samantha Thorne, a new author who looks to be making a splash! When did you first realize you wanted toContinue reading “Samantha Thorne Interview!”

Surprise Guest Post – RAYNER YE!

Happy Sunday all! Today we have a special surprise for you – one of tomorrow’s interview authors has given me permission to share the FIRST THREE CHAPTERS of one of her novels, STAR PEOPLE! And you can learn even more about her and her universe tomorrow in our last April Double Dip Monday Morning AuthorContinue reading “Surprise Guest Post – RAYNER YE!”

Matt Cox Interview!

Got your coffee? Good, because it’s time for another Monday Morning Author Interview! Today we’re visited by Matt Cox. I recently had the opportunity to spend an hour chatting with him in a groupcast (the link is here: Hardcore: Truths of Writing { Raw and uncut/ Scourges } #12 – YouTube). He’s published over 100Continue reading “Matt Cox Interview!”

The Cassidy Chronicles Volume One – Chapter Thirteen

Did you have a nice weekend? That’s what you ask, right? On Monday? It’s not just bitching about it being Monday again? Because I’ll tell ya, that sort of thing gets old at about fourteen. But then I don’t usually follow much of a calendar. That is one thing I’ve had to get used to,Continue reading “The Cassidy Chronicles Volume One – Chapter Thirteen”

E.G. Stone Interview!

Welcome back! It’s Monday again – and around here, that’s a GOOD thing, as we do a Monday Morning Author Interview. Today we have E.G. Stone dropping in. E.G. Stone is an independent author who has been writing, quite literally, since the age of six. Since then, E.G. has improved rather a lot and hasContinue reading “E.G. Stone Interview!”