A Quiet Revolution – Chapter FOURTEEN

A sign of things to come, even if we didn’t know it. The Roosa was the first ship in the Artemis fleet to turn colors and come over to our side. They’d essentially been on our side for weeks, first serving as the impromptu escape vehicle for Nicole and Mikki, then transporting Envoy Lusardi fromContinue reading “A Quiet Revolution – Chapter FOURTEEN”

A Quiet Revolution – Chapter TWELVE & THIRTEEN

Ha! I win again! Look, I like Adam. I think he’s done a fine job with the books and telling our stories. But I really, really want you guys to get it all, not doled out in dribs and drabs, one short chapter at a time! I don’t mean I want Adam to post upContinue reading “A Quiet Revolution – Chapter TWELVE & THIRTEEN”

A Quiet Revolution – Chapter TEN & ELEVEN

Damn. I oughta go to Vegas for a week and see if my lucky streak continues. I did it again. Four books. Four days. MULTIPLE CHAPTERS EACH DAY. Aren’t you lucky I fight for you as hard as I fight for my ohana? Damn right you are. Anyways, this is when I met Anne-Marie forContinue reading “A Quiet Revolution – Chapter TEN & ELEVEN”

A Quiet Revolution – Chapter NINE

Here’s Cass, trying to put one of my insane ideas into action on almost no notice. As usual. Something I appreciated at the time, but REALLY appreciate now, is how much backstopping Cass did/does for me. She’s the genius, and she’s got this really amazing knowledge of all things scientific. So she’ll say that XContinue reading “A Quiet Revolution – Chapter NINE”

A Quiet Revolution – Chapter EIGHT

And back to Luna, Artemis City to be precise. Revolution is always an amateur’s game. No revolution which was planned by professionals, using all the latest tools and texts and guidance, has ever succeeded. And boy oh boy were these guys amateurs! Fortunately, they were also smart and lucky. Of course, it helps when theContinue reading “A Quiet Revolution – Chapter EIGHT”

A Quiet Revolution – Chapter SEVEN

This was fun. I didn’t get much chance to sorta ‘throw my weight around’, you know? I was off-planet most of the time, almost all the time after that stupid useless lawsuit, and my people knew better than to try to do the whole ‘impress the boss’ thing. On the other hand, what’s the pointContinue reading “A Quiet Revolution – Chapter SEVEN”

A Quiet Revolution – Chapter FIVE & SIX

Chapter Five is a case of Short Chapter Syndrome – I couldn’t let Adam post just that! So first you get to see what went on in the Council of Ministers after Averroes returned, as well as me trying to talk Cass and Alley into using a teleport without a portal at both ends. ItContinue reading “A Quiet Revolution – Chapter FIVE & SIX”

A Quiet Revolution – Chapter FOUR

Before I start talking about the chapter, Adam wanted me to pass on some news: FIRST, the cover competition ended with this cover in SECOND PLACE with 464 votes! Here’s a little message to you from Adam and his team: Second, the first SEVENTEEN chapters – 3h 18m – of this book are RECORDED! Yes,Continue reading “A Quiet Revolution – Chapter FOUR”

A Quiet Revolution – Chapter THREE

In the years I’ve been associated with Davie Whitmore, this was one of the few times I really was upset with her and her actions. It’s not so much I disapproved; hell, there were times I was tempted to do exactly what she did! But I learned restraint and the value of listening to others.Continue reading “A Quiet Revolution – Chapter THREE”

A Quiet Revolution – Chapter TWO

You know, the biggest problem Artemis had in the entire conflict with us was their timing. It sucked. Not that I’m complaining! I’m perfectly happy they never got their shit together enough to actually make our lives more difficult than they did. However, from a purely objective point of view, standing outside the conflict? ItContinue reading “A Quiet Revolution – Chapter TWO”