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The Measure of Humanity – Chapter SEVEN

Boy, this was a surprise to Nicole! When I heard about this, though, it was one of the things which convinced me, months later, that she was the right person to bring in to support the Lunar Revolution. She knew what she needed to do and managed to keep the Primus from derailing it whileContinue reading “The Measure of Humanity – Chapter SEVEN”

The Road to the Stars – Chapter Six

And here we are, continuing our tour of Tau Ceti, and Dawn Zihal got to make the big discovery this time. Of course, she then went and proved she really had no idea how to deal with anyone outside of the science department. When I heard about the reaction the Engineer had to Zihal’s suggestion,Continue reading “The Road to the Stars – Chapter Six”

The Cassidy Chronicles – CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE

Cass got to drive my car! Okay, I shouldn’t feel badly about it; after all, if she didn’t have the Bugatti, she wouldn’t have had a chance at getting in and out of HLC and rescuing her friend. And talking with Cass afterwards, she made a damn good plan for someone who didn’t know theContinue reading “The Cassidy Chronicles – CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE”

Interview with River Nightmoon

It’s Monday, so it’s time to talk books with another author! Today we have dramatist and LGBTQ ally River Nightmoon dropping in to talk about their latest book, Gio’s Big Move! When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer? I am a lover of books. Growing up in the South Eastern partContinue reading “Interview with River Nightmoon”

Brand J. Alexander Interview!

How’s fall treating you? I’m enjoying the play of sunlight in the red and gold leaves. At least on the days the sun shows up! It’s another Monday Morning Author Interview, and who do we have today? Brand J. Alexander, the author of the Ravenfell Chronicles and the new series, Tears of Hatsunae! Let’s getContinue reading “Brand J. Alexander Interview!”

Sunday WildCard – A Cassidy Chronicles Novel (WIP)

Well, your responses have been good so far, so I think I’ll keep going with the new novel. Whaddya think? I’ll bet you’re wondering why I’m not putting the novel’s title up. Simple: I haven’t settled on it yet. So far it’s had three different potential titles; the first was Tilting at Windmills, when IContinue reading “Sunday WildCard – A Cassidy Chronicles Novel (WIP)”

Become a Patron!

I’ve decided to listen to Kendra (as she might say, “For once!”) and ask, because if I don’t ask, you can’t say yes. See, writing is my full-time job; a couple years back, my position was eliminated, and so I had the opportunity (since we were planning to move) to devote my full time toContinue reading “Become a Patron!”

Taylor’s Time

No blather from me; let’s go right to Taylor! My dearest readers, lately writing has been somewhat of a challenge for me. When writer’s block weighs heavily and life takes your time, it becomes harder and harder to get your words down. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop. I will never stop writing,Continue reading “Taylor’s Time”

A Quiet Revolution – Chapter TWENTY-SIX

The night before The Big Announcement, the one which I am probably most proud of in a lifetime of doing the impossible. Oh, man. I worked so hard for this, once I knew it was a problem and an issue which needed to be dealt with. And Mya was huge on her end, recognizing theContinue reading “A Quiet Revolution – Chapter TWENTY-SIX”

The Measure of Humanity – Chapter SIX

It’s amazing how people’s lives intertwine. Back in the day, all we knew about Alyssa Jordan was she was Glenn Kaine’s deputy. We didn’t know if she was bent, straight, totally corrupt, and so we left her in place when Glenn was, ah, removed. Turned out she was a straight shooter, and she was goodContinue reading “The Measure of Humanity – Chapter SIX”

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The Road to the Stars – Chapter Five

Ah, Niflheim. The garden spot of Tau Ceti. It’s better now, of course. It took a few years to get the terraforming up and running, and it’s been several decades since, and it will never be mistaken for Caribbean beaches, but at least now it’s not, in the words of Cass and Alley, “a freakin’Continue reading “The Road to the Stars – Chapter Five”

Kindle Vella? Yes, Please!

You’ve read all the novels. You listened to the audiobooks. You even got the Omnibus so you could read the novella! Now what? If you’ve been missing your Cassidyverse fix, I have a solution for you! #KindleVella – the new serialized stories on Amazon – and Memories of Aiyana is one of them. Written byContinue reading “Kindle Vella? Yes, Please!”

The Cassidy Chronicles – CHAPTER TWENTY

Looking back on the events of this chapter, all I have to say is I don’t believe I was that stupid. Seriously. I had been in this business for ten years at that point, and I’d managed to survive every other attempt at taking me down, but I walked right into this one. Fat andContinue reading “The Cassidy Chronicles – CHAPTER TWENTY”

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