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The Road to the Stars – Chapter FIVE

First Flights are special. This one was truly memorable; it was the initial departure for the Enterprise from the construction yards, and the first test of the warp drive in space. I loved it. I’ve talked to many of the people who were aboard her and to a person they all hold this as oneContinue reading “The Road to the Stars – Chapter FIVE”

The Cassidy Chronicles – Chapter Twenty-Four

We’re on the road! I love driving, I loved driving my Bugatti, but I hated the drive we were about to do. Huh? Okay. So we’re having lunch and Cass wants to know what we’re going to do next; I have to explain about the New York Thruway and the relative lawlessness of the road.Continue reading “The Cassidy Chronicles – Chapter Twenty-Four”

Aalia Lanius Interview!

Welcome to the middle of June! I know it’s not officially summer yet but I hope you’ve been able to enjoy a little good weather and sunshine already! Today I have a special guest: Aalia Lanius. What can I say about Aalia? That she’s an author goes without saying, but she’s a multiple award winnerContinue reading “Aalia Lanius Interview!”

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